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5 axis cnc bridge saw for shaping and sawing marble, granite, sandstone, limestone and stone

Smart-Cut 800 is a 5 axis CNC bridge saw. Its five controlled axes which can interpolate on the three Cartesian axes while the other two axes can be positioned at will; the machine cuts marble, granite, sandstone, limestone and stone slabs into machined items, shapes billets according to programmed profiles using a saw blade tool, contours profiles and performs the stock removal on billets using a shaped tool.


SMART-CUT 800 is a NC bridge saw with 5 interpolated axes and is fitted with a revolving head and fixed worktable with tilting feature (upon specific request).  
The fixed worktable for the 800 B model is fitted with a motorised conveyor belt automating loading and unloading operations. 


  • Latest generation SIEMENS 840 SL digital CNC
  • High-speed and precision in movements along axes X, Y, Z thanks to the use of brushless digital motor technology with an absolute encoder.
  • Spindle holder carriage in cast-iron ensures rigidity and vibration damping.

  • The beam is moved by a precision rack and pinion system driven by a brushless digital motor.
  • The spindle travels on recirculating roller skids driven by a brushless digital motor ensuring precision and rigidity.

  • The spindle travels on guides fitted with a recirculating roller assembly driven by a ball screw assembly with a preloaded ball nut.
  • All guides are protected and greased.
  • Twist head with a ± 190°  rotation on axis “C” and 0° to 90° rotation on axis “A”.
  • Tilting cutting disc which is motorised and can be programmed in any position between 0° to 90° offering the possibility of step cutting (with continuous head rotation).
  • User friendly software and touch-screen colour monitor  mounted to a control panel, joystick controls for moving the various axes.
  • Laser tracer for displaying cutting path

Breton stone bridge saw Smart-Cut 800 while is realizing a bas-relief

Breton Smart-Cut 800 - 5 axes CNC bridge saw marble granite natural and engineered stone