Your miters will always be easy and accurate with MiterWave

Are your slabs not perfectly flat? Breton has created the right product for you.

Breton launches MiterWave, the hardware/software package that can perform highly accurate 45° cuts even on non-flat slabs.
Slabs, especially ceramic slabs, are often - if not almost always - not perfectly flat or planar: stresses, warps or imperfect calibrations are the order of the day, and miters become a disaster.
The MiterWave, especially aimed at ceramic slabs machining, automatically corrects cutting trajectories while continuously interpolating them with the slab surface, to achieve a virtually perfect result.
The MiterWave installed on a Combicut (a machine consisting of a diamond wheel spindle and a Waterjet head), is the perfect combination for those that want perfect results also on warped slabs.
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