Erbi, a Dutch company part of the Dekker Zevenhuizen group, is one of Europe's leading players in the production of quartz, natural stone and ceramic kitchen tops.
About 30% of kitchen tops annually sold in the Netherlands are produced in its workshops.

Erbi is known as one of the most automated and well-organized factories in its industry.
It has been using the best technologies for quartz treatment for many years, and many Breton machines are installed in its plants.
The latest purchase meant to increase its production capacity and automate the process is Breton Smart-Cut DUO automatic cutting line, served by anthropomorphic robots both for slabs loading and unloading of cut pieces.
It is a real automatic cutting center with two cutting spindles mounted on two opposing independent beams, with belt conveyor workbench and “Multicup” integrated suction cup system for handling parts and optimizing slabs’ surface utilisation.
The machine is also equipped with an automated magazine for the replacement of cutting disks, which are replaced depending on the various types of materials (quartz, natural stones, ceramics ...) to be sawn, as well as an automated magazine for mounting forked cutters to cut out kitchens’ sink holes.
The Smart-Cut Duo performs simple or complex cutting cycles, vertical or 45-degree cuttings, in full or incremental steps, quickly moving the pieces on the workbench thanks to the suction system, all without the intervention of any operator.
KUKA antropomorphic loading and unloading robots were provided and programmed by Optidrive, Breton's technical partner.
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